Sabra24/7 solar generator


a Mobile Solar Powered off-grid system offer the highest solar power for transportable solar system. Design to deliver power continuously 24/7 uninterrupted to various customers, such as: telecommunication facilities, military surveillance stations, water pumping, homeland security systems. The system has high mobility in off-road conditions, fast deployment at field, free of maintenance. Transportable by land or sea; compacts to the size of an ISO-container. Offer a green, reliable and cost-effective solution.

the system has also hybrid mode, where it operates with a back-up diesel-generator, located on the syatem's platform. in that mode the system is functioned as a mobile microgrid, with the ability to integrate more power sources and scale-up to higher power demand.

Sabra24/7 solar generator Sabra24/7 solar generator Sabra24/7 solar generator Sabra24/7 solar generator

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