Sabra 24/7

– solar generator
Mobile solar stand alone system for small and medium power consumers. Ideal for applications distant from a power grid - telecommunication, military equipment, emergency power, water pumping and purification.
Sabra24/7 system is designed to deliver power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with high reliability in power supply.
Sabra24/7 system is designed for simple use. System deployment is easy and fast, all it takes is 30 minutes for 2 people to have the system up and running at full capacity. The same time it takes to reload it back on the truck, to a new location. Operation by ‘plug and play’, maintenance free.
Sabra24/7 system is simple to transport at off-road conditions, the system is loaded to compact trucks and on its way to customer sites in no time.
Sabra24/7 system is highly securable, robust construction, safe, design for extreme conditions of dust, heat, humidity.
Sabra24/7 system is a green solution, no fossil fuel required, silence work
Sabra24/7 system is comprised from top market system components, which offer highest industry efficiency rate

Sabra 24/7 Sabra 24/7 Sabra 24/7 Sabra 24/7

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